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As tattoos grow in popularity and become more mainstream, tattoo enthusiasts are looking for ways to share their tattoo art with others. Many have turned to the Internet, establishing online galleries of tattoo art. Here, tattoo enthusiasts can not only share pictures of their tattoos, they can connect with other tattoo aficionados through message boards and chat rooms.

Sharing tattoo pictures is only a small part of what these websites do. Many also have health information, such as the risks associated with tattoos--including allergic reaction and problems with removal. They also provide detailed information on how to care for tattoos, as well as legal information, guides to choosing tattoos and tattoos studios and supplies needed to create tattoos. In addition, many have online directories of tattoo studios and artists around the world, as well as information about upcoming tattoo conventions. You can find in-depth information about tattoos, as well, including tattoo history, information about tattoos in other cultures and interviews with tattoo artists, anthropologists and historians. Most tattoo picture websites also have extensive databases of resources, including reviews of books related to tattoos.

These websites are designed to be user-friendly, a community where tattoo enthusiasts can share their for their art. As such, visitors are encouraged to submit their own tattoo pictures, via online submission forms that make it easy for people to upload their tattoo pictures onto the site, and they also encourage people to rank other people's tattoos. You can also sign up for tattoo newsletters that feature tattoo pictures and news.

These websites usually break their tattoo pictures into categories, from aliens to dragons to wizards. While most sites have a wide variety of tattoo pictures, some are dedicated to only one type, such as fairy tattoos, celebrity tattoos, dragon tattoos, butterfly tattoos or bad tattoos. Some people submit pictures of themselves receiving their tattoos, along with stories to accompany the pictures.