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Rock Concert Pictures

Taking rock concert pictures is challenging but exciting, allowing you a close-up view of the performance that most audience members can only long for. It can be difficult--conditions are cramped, hot and noisy, and you may have significant restrictions to deal with. You have to move quickly to get the good shots, but the same elements that make rock concert pictures a challenge can also make them thrilling. For vivid, exciting photos, try these tips:

Preparation is crucial.

You don't have time for re-takes during a rock concert. You need to get the shot the first time, and for that you need to know the venue. By visiting before the concert, you can get a feel for the size and shape of the stage, and scope out areas that will provide the best view. Find out where the lighting is and what kind will be used, so you'll know how to work around it.

Ask permission.

Many of the big-name acts are protective of their image and their profits, and are selective about who they allow to photograph their concerts. There's also security concerns to deal with. You have to have the right credentials to take rock concert pictures, and in most cases you'll need to contact the band's manager for permission. The manager will arrange access to the show, and also inform you of any restrictions on shooting.

Avoid using a flashgun.

Using a flash has several drawbacks, primarily their potential to interfere with the performance. If a musician happens to be looking at the flash when it goes off, they may be temporarily blinded.

Experiment with composition.

Rock concert pictures offer you a great opportunity: you're free to be as creative as you wish. Don't limit yourself; explore different angles, even lying on the floor or shooting from the balcony or the wings. The result will be a view of the concert that most people have never seen.