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Horse Racing Pictures

Horse racing pictures are not only artistic pieces valued by horse enthusiasts, they are also important in determining the winner of a race. Ever heard the term photo finish? Photos taken at the finish line have often been used to judge the winner of a close race, and these pictures may be the most important ones taken at the event. Taking horse racing pictures is a popular hobby among amateur photographers, but like any event, it can be challenging. Here are some of the best ways to take great horse racing pictures.

Make sure you have your subject in view.

It's tough to photograph something in motion, especially during the excitement and drama of an event like a horse race. Make sure you capture all of your subject, and that part of the horse doesn't accidentally get cut out of the photo.

Take special care with finish line photos.

You want to get a clear shot of the winner, so take several pictures to make sure you get a good view of the first horse across the finish line. Also, get as close as you can to the horse in the lead, and use panning as the horses near the finish line, so you can get a good shot of all the horses as they cross. And never use a strobe or flash--the bright light can frighten and confuse the horses, possibly interfering with the race.

Use a variety of angles.

While finish line photos are probably the most popular to take, they're not the only interesting shots. Try to photograph the race from several spots around the track, preferably at crucial moments, such as when the horses round a corner. By taking several shots from different areas, you can document the drama and excitement of the entire race. Traditional shots do have advantages: pictures of the winner's ceremony and shots of a horse as it jumps, for example, are easy to sell.