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There are websites dedicated to garden photography, bird photography and food photography, so it's only natural that humor photography would eventually make it onto the list. There are several websites dedicated to funny pictures, which range from comic to satirical to risque. While funny picture websites are great for entertainment purposes, they can also be educational. By seeing what other photographers have done, you can get ideas for funny pictures of your own, as well as ideas for photography techniques you can use.

Many of the sites feature professional photographs, so by studying them, you can learn what styles and techniques professional photographers use and use them to help create your own funny pictures. Pay special attention to the lighting, props and composition they used. Is it something you can replicate? You can also learn a lot from the amateur photographs--examine what worked and what didn't in the pictures you see, to help you prepare for taking your own funny pictures.

You can find websites featuring funny pictures on just about any subject--some contain mainly cartoons, while others consist primarily of photographs. While most sites have funny pictures on a variety of subjects, many are devoted to a specific type, such as animal pictures or political cartoons. Many of these websites also feature e-cards, animation and games.

Many websites allow visitors to submit their own funny pictures, as with sites dedicated to funny animal pictures. At many sites, owners can upload pictures of their pets, and visitors to the site can leave comments or rate the photos. Pet owners can also upload a short description to accompany their photos. Some of the most popular funny animal pictures include animals wearing sunglasses, animals dressed up and animals sleeping in strange positions.

At most sites, you can find a little bit of everything. Popular categories include funny pictures of kids, animal pictures, celebrity photos and sports pictures. Many sites allow downloading of images, so if you find a picture you like, you can download it and use for personal or commercial purposes.