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Animal Pictures

Animal photography is a rewarding activity to enjoy with your pet. You get to spend time with your animal companion, and you get great pictures that capture your pet's many moods and antics. However, animals make difficult subjects. No matter how well-trained they are, they may not do what you want when you want. It takes skill to accurately capture an animal's personality in a photograph. To take great pictures of animals, try these suggestions:

Set up the shot.

Animals are harder to pose than humans. You need to get their attention so they'll look at the camera, but you don't want them distracted by it. First, give them a chew toy to divert their attention, and when you're ready, use a squeaky toy or say their name so they'll look at you. You'll only have a few seconds before they go back to the toy, so get as many shots as you can as quickly as you can.

Know your pet's personality.

Above all, you want your pet to be comfortable and enjoy the process. Try to photograph them as they normally behave--sleeping in their favorite chair, curled up on a pile of books, playing with their favorite toy. Know their routines: Do they sleep at certain times? Play at certain times? Wait for these moments, and they may not even notice when you take their picture. If you adapt the photography session to your animal's natural behavior, they won't be as confused by the process, and the photos will better reflect their personality than will artificial, posed shots.

Clear out the clutter.

Your pet's personality can't shine through if the photo is littered with papers, books or other stray items in the background. Remove anything distracting, and clear out a larger area than where you plan to take the photograph. Animals move around a lot, and you don't know where or when that perfect photo opportunity will occur. Be prepared, and make sure you have a clear area in which to shoot.